Elvie has launched a campaign dedicated to reframing the conversation around women’s bodies and how tech can help with health.

The global campaign was launched on International Women’s Day to highlight the benefits of Elvie’s tech for women’s bodies and spotlight their biological complexity.  It is in partnership with mother London, an independent creative company.

The video, ‘Smart Bodies’ changes the narrative around women’s health and power. Eva Lazarus, a recording artist and also breastfeeding mother performs her new album which champions women’s bodies. Eva and Mother London co-wrote the lyrics that focus on rewording the cultural conversation around women’s bodies.

Aoife Nally, Chief Marketing Officer of Elvie said: “Elvie continues to hear from women that they want respect and recognition for their bodies no matter their size, shape or stage of life – and don’t want to be held to societal standards. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it’s time we bust long-standing taboos and create tech that women deserve. Our goal is to empower and enable women to achieve everything their bodies are capable of.”

This is Elvie’s second campaign with Mother London with the aim of highlighting the freedom of cordless breast pumps for breastfeeding and encouraging open conversations around motherhood.

Elvie and motherhood

Elvie is dedicated to releasing innovative tech products that raise the bar for female health tech products. It has just released Elvie Stride which is a hospital-grade, hands-free breast pump to the US market. Other products include pelvic floor devices and silent breast pumps. In 2021, the company secured $97 million in funding for product innovation and market expansion.

Eva Lazarus said: “I wanted to get involved with Elvie on this new project because of the fears I had prior to becoming a mother. Normalizing all of the associated experiences of womanhood/motherhood are so important and as a new mum, I found it liberating to celebrate how inspiring it is that our bodies are undeniably smart and strong. I would love women to take that away from this campaign and feel emboldened. We are magnificent!”

*Image credit: Elvie

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