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Femtech World Awards

Women’s cancer innovation to take centre stage at Femtech World Awards



The Femtech World Awards are celebrating the innovators revolutionising the way we diagnose and treat cancer in women.

Cancer is a major public health and economic issue. Female breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the world, with an estimated 2.3 million cases diagnosed globally in 2020 alone.

However, what once seemed impossible in cancer research is now a reality thanks to a number of technological innovations that have led to breakthroughs in the ways we diagnose, understand and treat cancer.

Through the Women’s Cancer Innovation Award, Femtech World aims to shine a light on the organisations devoted to transforming the future of cancer care for women worldwide.

“Allowing more women to live healthier lives, free of cancer is truly remarkable,” said Sorina Mihaila, editor of Femtech World.

“We hope that through our Women’s Cancer Innovation Award we will turn the spotlight on some of the world’s most extraordinary innovations working towards changing the way we diagnose and treat this unforgiving disease.”

The Women’s Cancer Innovation Award is one of 10 categories open for entry, all of which seek to acknowledge excellence in femtech and reward the dedication, commitment and innovation of those working in the space. 

The sponsor of this year’s award, FINN Partners, is one of the fastest-growing, global marketing communications firms in the world.

With deep expertise across sectors, FINN Partners delivers a full range of integrated marketing services relevant to key industry practice groups.

The FINN Partners Global Health Practice is an industry powerhouse, helping clients navigate the complex and fragmented health ecosystem.

With a presence that spans North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, the communications and marketing teams that make up the FINN Health Practice offers unmatched counsel and guidance to clients across the globe.

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Femtech World Awards

Femtech World reveals Fertility Innovation shortlist



Six fertility innovators have made the shortlist for Femtech World’s Fertility Innovation award sponsored by Apryl. Check them out below.  

Apryl is a fertility benefits platform that helps employers attract and retain top talent while tackling diversity and inclusion.

The company helps employers support their employees with fertility and family planning benefits, including consultation, access to clinics, treatments and adoption.

Through the Fertility Innovation Award, sponsored by Apryl, Femtech World aims to shine a light on the life-changing work of those developing innovative fertility solutions.

The six finalists will now go-head-to-head, with the winner announced at a virtual ceremony on May 2.


Selectivity is a start-up focused on universalising access to fertility treatments. The company is working towards developing better, accessible and cost-saving assisted reproductive devices that are promising to transform the patient journey to conception. 

Future Fertility is the first company in the world to address this significant gap in treatment planning and patient expectation management by developing AI-powered oocyte assessment software that provides patients and their fertility care teams with personalised egg quality insights.

The software uses deep learning technology to analyse 2D images of mature oocytes, providing egg quality scores that have been validated in laboratories and clinical practice and are proven to correlate directly with reproductive outcomes.

Proov is a diagnostics company offering medical grade at-home tests and a support platform that is clinically proven to help those looking to conceive do so faster and more cost-effectively.

Proov founder, Dr Amy Beckley, PhD, created the core Proov technology after her own battle with infertility. The company now boasts over 10 products and continues to innovate to bring additional solutions to child bearing people and their partners.

Fairtility is advancing reproductive care through the power of transparent AI to help clinicians and their patients on the reproductive care journey.

The company believes that transparency is critical when AI intersects with human life. Its flagship software, CHLOE, is a transparent AI-based decision support tool providing clinicians with visibility into clinical and laboratory parameters crucial to improving reproductive care outcomes in IVF, fertility preservation and egg donation.

Embie aims to optimise fertility treatments with personalised, connected care. The Embie Clinic platform seeks to empower clinics with real-time, data driven insights, while reducing the administrative and cognitive load for the clinic.

Plan Your Baby is a telehealth fertility clinic on a mission to reduce practical and financial barriers to IVF.

The platform leverages cutting-edge technology to provide support from preconception to birth, while addressing 13 of the main treatable causes of infertility.

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Femtech World Awards

Seven start-ups to go head-to-head at Femtech World Awards



Seven femtech start-ups have made the shortlist for Femtech World’s OB/GYN Innovation award sponsored by Cross-Border Impact Ventures

CrossBorder Impact Ventures is on a mission to revolutionise venture capital investing in health technology. The company invests in early-growth stage health technology companies commercialising medical devices, diagnostics, therapeutics and digital health innovations and leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning.

All financed innovations are relevant to women, children and adolescent health and located in North America, Europe and Israel with ability to scale technologies to Emerging Markets.

The shortlisted companies in the OB/GYN Innovation category stood out among some truly remarkable entries from all over the world.

The seven shortlisted entries will soon be judged by the category sponsor, with the ultimate winner announced at a virtual event on May 2.


Nesa Medtech is a a medical device start-up on a mission to transform women’s health by developing minimally invasive surgical solutions.

The company’s flagship product is a novel, minimally invasive and uterus-preserving technology aimed at treating uterine fibroids, a condition which has profound impacts on healthcare delivery and costs worldwide.

EndoCure aims to revolutionise the diagnosis of endometriosis with a novel robotic AI-powered ultrasound. The system is specifically designed to detect endometriosis lesions, which currently can’t be detected by imaging tools.

The ability to detect such lesions, EndoCure says, is crucial as the pain associated with endometriosis can be excruciating and life-altering. This capability not only promises to shorten the diagnostic journey for millions of women suffering from endometriosis but also aims to enhance the accuracy of diagnosis.

Hale offers a virtual-first care model that aims to reshape patient journeys for gynaecological conditions.

The platform leverages cutting-edge technology and interdisciplinary expertise to provide comprehensive care solutions, including online consultations, care navigation support, digital prescriptions and diagnostic fast-tracking processes.


Lasa Health is a health tech company supporting the diagnosis and management of pelvic pain disorders. The company uses AI and machine learning to screen patients for the potential causes of chronic pelvic pain.

Its algorithm, according to its developers, is able to catch conditions that would have otherwise been missed by physicians. The platform provides personalised recommendations for physicians to review and discuss with patients. 

Sonio is an AI solution for prenatal screening and diagnosis with over five years of research and collaborations between leading experts in foetal medicine and AI.

Sonio’s goal is to support foetal ultrasound practitioners in prenatal screening and diagnosis by assuring the completeness of their examination and increasing the accuracy of their patient scan results.

Based in Switzerland, Aspivix is a medical device company on a mission to reimagine and modernise gynaecology.

Its flagship product, Carevix, is the world’s first suction cervical stabiliser clinically proven to reduce pain and bleeding associated with transcervical procedures commonly performed in gynaecology, including IUD insertion, hysteroscopy, cervical biopsies and fertility treatments.

Yeda is developing a sustainable device that aims to support women’s pelvic floor and improve bladder control. The company is committed to improving women’s quality of life by offering personalised and user-friendly treatment.

Its device promises to disrupt the market by reducing hospital visits and providing gynaecologists with an innovative tool for their patients.

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Femtech World Awards

Femtech World reveals Research Project of the Year shortlist



Four femtech innovators have been shortlisted for Femtech World’s Research Project of the Year, sponsored by Future Fertility.

Backed by the industry’s largest and most diverse oocyte dataset of over 120,000 images and reproductive outcomes, Future Fertility is the leader in AI-powered oocyte quality assessment.

There were more than 120 entries for this year’s Femtech World Awards, with the Research Project category attracting a number of very high-quality entries.

Shortlisted entries will assessed by the category sponsor, with the winner announced at an online ceremony on May 2.


Matrix is a 21st century replacement, an evolution and revolution of the speculum, which has not changed in design and operation since the Roman Era. The speculum is gynaecological tool, which is used by clinicians to access the reproductive organs of a woman and perform various assessments and procedures.

Matrix’s Health and Care is on a mission to eliminate the current invasive gynaecological instrument and transform gynaecological protocols through women-led design innovation.

FlowSense is the world’s first accessible period blood detection device, empowering visually impaired women to independently manage their menstrual hygiene. There are no existing products in the market designed to detect period blood for the visually impaired.

FlowSense aims for an accurate vaginal fluid detection that not only identifies menstruation changes but can provide a comprehensive approach to vaginal health through the analysis of pH vaginal health and related symptoms.

There still is a large gender gap in knowledge and data in healthcare. theblood is the first start-up in Europe to use menstrual blood as a non-invasive blood test to help solve women’s health problems.

The company’s at-home test allows women to analyse their menstrual blood on a monthly basis and gain thus new insights into their state of health.

Hormona is the developer behind an at-home urine test that measures the three most important female hormones quantitatively in less than 15 minutes, removing the need for a lab and helping women monitor their hormone levels from the comfort of their homes.

Through regular testing, the company aims to support women with issues, such as irregular cycles, hormonal imbalance, PCOS, perimenopause, menopause and infertility, and help them live in harmony with their hormones.


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