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6 Signs You Need to Visit a Speech Therapist with Your Toddler



Being a parent can be stressful enough without worrying about your child’s development compared to other children. All children develop at different speeds, so delays in speech might not always be something to be concerned about. However, certain milestones should be met by certain ages to avoid concern. 

It can be a really worrying time to see your child go through a speech delay, but working with a speech therapist can help you put your mind at rest. Speech therapy comes with plenty of benefits for children, too. Keep reading to learn whether you should take your child to a speech therapist. 

Lack of Responding to Their Name

One of the earliest signs that children might need to see a speech therapist is they might not be responding to their name. This could be a sign indicating that they have a developmental issue, and some studies have found that this is more common in children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Not responding to their name could also point to a hearing issue. 

Your speech therapist will be able to refer you to the correct medical professional to help you get the quickest, most efficient treatment for your little one. 


Children with stutters can often speak in full sentences, so some parents might not even realise they need to take them to a speech therapist. It’s possible that stuttering can go away on its own as your child grows, but others might find it getting worse around the age of five. Consulting a speech therapist can help your little one learn how to control their stutter, as well as give them more confidence in social situations. 

For parents whose children repeat the first letter of words, such as ‘t-t-t-tick’ rather than ‘tick’, it’s wise to get a second opinion to make sure your child doesn’t need extra treatment for their language delay. 

Skipping Syllables

It’s common for children to develop a phonological process disorder which can cause them to skip over entire syllables within certain words. This is common in children who often have difficulties pronouncing specific words because their brains can’t understand a syllable within them. Consult a speech therapist if you find that your child often makes the same mistakes when speaking, as they can help rectify this through various treatment programs. 

Prompt speech therapy is a popular type of treatment for phonological process disorders, as this helps children learn how to pronounce more difficult syllables that are found in more complex words. With this treatment, skipping syllables is often completely treatable. 

One Word Sentences or Not Speaking At All

Most children should be able to speak in simple sentences by the age of two, with more complex conversations happening nearer to the age of four or five. However, some parents find that their children don’t want to speak at all, or are having trouble getting past one-word sentences. There could be a simple reason for this, including social anxiety or lack of confidence, which can be addressed. 

However, your speech therapist will be able to give you more information on this and help your child overcome it. These are two quite common disorders in children just starting school, but to be on the safe side it’s wise to involve a speech therapist. 

Altered Consonant Sounds

Another common issue in language development that some children experience is the altering of consonants. This will change the way the word sounds and make it more difficult for you to understand and communicate with your child, which will cause frustration on both sides. For example, your child might point to a cat and say ‘cat’ once, then ‘tat’ second. This is an indication of altered consonant sounds, which could indicate a developmental delay in language. 

Again, this is very common and an issue that many speech and language therapists see and therefore can help treat. It’s best to get this type of delay seen before your child starts school and they need to start communicating with teachers and new peers. 

Using the Same Words For Different Meanings

Younger children will often mistake certain words for more than one thing, such as ‘cat’ for every kind of animal they see. However, most speech therapists note that this shouldn’t move past the 12-month mark, so if your toddler or child is still confusing words, you might want to book an appointment with a speech therapist. It might be nothing to worry about, but it’s always best to be safe!

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Top climate tech companies that are led by women



Recent research by the PEW Research Centre revealed that women are more inclined to view climate change as a serious threat compared to men. The study highlighted that women generally believe that making lifestyle changes is crucial to combat climate issues and are more prone to making eco-friendly consumer choices.

Despite women having the potential to play a crucial role in environmental protection, there is a notable scarcity of women founders in the clean-tech sector. According to the National Cleantech Survey, merely 10% of cleantech founders are women, and only 19% of companies have at least one female founder on their team.

Several factors contribute to the limited representation of women founders in the clean tech space. One primary factor is the insufficient encouragement and support for women to pursue STEM subjects, which are essential for acquiring the skills necessary to lead such companies.

Another significant aspect is the technical know-how required. Fields like engineering remain predominantly male-dominated, limiting women’s access to the technical experience needed to succeed and establish companies in the clean-tech sector due to a lack of sufficient work experience.

9 Women-Led Climate Tech Companies

There is a huge number of eco-friendly companies in various industries with male leaders, such as Lottoland, a UK based gaming company. However, women-led ecofriendly businesses are starting to gain momentum. They range from providing alternative and innovative energy sources to pushing conservation efforts.

1. Vertical Future

Marie-Alexandrine Burrows co-founded Vertical Future in 2016 and is currently the Chief Impact Officer. Holding a master’s degree in Neuropsychology, Burrows is deeply passionate about people and psychology.

Vertical Future is the global leader in vertical farming technology and research and development. The company is involved in designing, constructing, and licensing hardware and software technologies to cultivate crops optimally, efficiently, and sustainably.

Traditional farming methods have negatively impacted the environment, leading to issues like soil degradation and water wastage. Vertical Future addresses these concerns by providing vertical farming solutions that employ soilless techniques, significantly reducing water consumption compared to conventional farming practices.

2. Mukur Clean Stove

Mukuru Eco Stoves transforms waste from local sources into innovative and eco-friendly cookstoves. Collaborating with businesses owned by local women, they distribute these stoves.

This enterprise has successfully sold over 250,000 stoves in Kenya, preventing more than 500,000 tons of CO2 emissions. Their influence extends beyond clearing the air of pollution; they also uplift Kenyan youth and women within their community by fostering empowerment.


The significant volume of waste and its poor handling have played a crucial role in releasing greenhouse gases. This led Laura Rosenshin and Meredith Danberg-Ficarelli to establish WATS.

WATS, short for Waste Administrative Tracking Software, provides a digital dashboard focusing on waste management. Its goal is to assist facilities managers in monitoring their waste, promoting sustainability, adhering to green standards, and ultimately fostering a circular economy.

4. Mirova

Mirova boasts a higher representation of women on both their management and advisory board, many of whom occupy key roles like COO and head of development.

Functioning as a conviction-driven consultancy, the company provides investment solutions combining strong financial performance and a commitment to environmental solutions. This emphasis aids small startups globally in securing funding and enhancing their scalability.

5. Itselectric

As an increasing number of individuals opt for hybrid or electric cars, the challenge lies in finding sufficient charging spots. In response, Itselectric introduces budget-friendly curbside charging stations designed for urban areas.

The goal is to ensure one charger for every ten vehicles in cities throughout the United States. Itselectric also delves into micro-mobility, making its chargers compatible with e-bikes, wheelchairs, and scooters.

6. RediGo Carbon

Utilizing an API link, RediGo gathers carbon data from a company’s manufacturing to distribution processes. The company then conducts an audit, analyses emission data, and delivers a comprehensive report.

It’s essential to highlight that RediGo customizes the plan to align with each company’s specific needs and scale. Additionally, they provide a marketplace to support companies in achieving their net-zero commitment.

7. Circulor

The business provides a tracking feature tailored for the supply-chain sector. Its technology calculates and monitors emissions to guarantee the company’s adherence to social and environmental standards.

8. 1point8

This company transforms biomass waste into Biochar. Operating a fully automated system, they capture carbon and cut down 1.8 Giga tonnes yearly. To maintain sustainability and lower operational expenses, they distribute the pyrolysis process.

Notably, these firms represent just a small portion of the many climate tech companies led by women. Numerous other companies are also working towards a greener future by employing and developing environmentally friendly technologies.

9. Fairatmos

Fairatmos, the pioneer climate tech company in Southeast Asia, presents a platform for carbon offset projects. Businesses and individuals can engage in global initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by investing in carefully selected projects through this marketplace.

Final Words

Women lead not only in climate tech but also in numerous other sectors. Despite some criticism of venture capitalists for not giving enough attention to women-led startups, many companies have proven otherwise. These pioneers in the niche continue to spearhead efforts, working on various fronts to provide sustainable solutions for climate change mitigation.

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